Photovoltaics Photocatalysis Materials

Sanghuyk Wooh Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research Germany
Photocatalytic active super liquid-repelling surfaces

Marina Ratova  Manchester Metropolitan University UK
Production of Photocatalytic Materials by Magnetron Sputtering

Simon Fafard Universite of Sherbrooke Canada
III-V Photovoltaic Devices based on the Vertical Epitaxial HeteroStructure Architecture (VEHSA Design) for Record Optical to Electrical Conversion Efficiencies

Xueqin Wang Northeast Petroleum University China
Fluoride concentration controlled TiO2 nanotubes: the interplay of microstructure and photocatalytic performance

Hong Jin Fan Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Nanoarray Electrodes for High-Performance Energy Conversion and Storage

Byeong-Kyu Lee University of Ulsan Korea
Environment and Energy Applications of Visible Light-driven Photocatalyts

Victor I. Klimov Los Alamos National Laboratory USA
Engineered Quantum Dots in Solar Energy Conversion: Photovoltaics and Beyond

Hikaru Kobayashi Osaka University Japan
Highly efficient black Si solar cells fabricated by use of surface structure chemical transfer method

Jinkyoung Yoo Los Alamos National Laboratory USA
Multi-dimensional semiconductor nanowire heterostructures for basic energy sciences

Xinhui Lu Chinese University of Hong Kong China
Synchrotron X-ray scattering based thin film solar cell studies

Masashi Kato Nagoya Institute of Technology Japan
SiC photocathode for a solar to hydrogen conversion technology

S. Abboudy Alexandria University Egypt
Influence of the energy overlap integral on the hopping activation energy and metal-insulator transition in doped semiconductors

Michihisa Koyama Kyushu University Japan
Practical Applications of Computational Chemistry to Functional Materials in Future Energy Devices

Ayodhya N. Tiwari Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Science and Technology Swiss
High efficiency lightweight flexible CIGS and Perovskite solar cells

Jon Major University of Liverpool UK
New techniques in CdTe solar cell fabrication

Yujie Xiong University of Science and Technology of China China
Interface Engineering in Inorganic Hybrid Structures towards Improved Photocatalysis

Wallace C.H. Choy University of Hong Kong China
New low-temperature schemes for the formation of high-quality perovskites for flexible solar cells

Maya Bar Sadan Ben Gurion University of the Negev Israel
Designing Doped Transition Metal Dichalcogenides as Improved Photocatalysts

Jianqiang Liu Shandong University China
Study of the mixed metal oxide photoanode based on layered double hydroxide for solar cells

Akira Ishibashi Hokkaido University Japan
Systems Development in Atom-Bit-Energy/Environment (ABE2): progress in multi-striped orthogonal photon-photocarrier-propagation solar cell (MOP3SC) and clean unit system platform (CUSP)

Shen-Ming Chen National Taipei University of Technology Taiwan
Design and Synthesis of Nanomaterials for the Electrochemical Sensors, Energy Storage and Conversion Devices

Shailaja Mahamuni S.P. Pune University India
Photophysical Properties of Semiconductor Nano-Hetero-Structures

Eui-Hyeok Yang Stevens Institute of Technology USA
In-Phase Growth of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Heterostructures for Light-Harvesting

Joe Shapter Flinders University Australia
Nanocarbons in novel solar cells

Bingye Zhang Dalian University of Technology China
Highly efficient black silicon solar cells achieved by surface nanostructured modification

Kenichi Kawaguchi Fujitsu Limited Japan
III-V nanowires for ambient RF energy harvesting

Praveen Kumar Central Scientific Instruments Organization India
III-nitrides nanostructures for new generation renewable energy and sensor applications

Zhimiao Yan Harbin Institute of Technology China
Optimum design of piezoelectric vibrational energy harvesters based on electromechanical decoupled model and theretical solution

Zhaoyang Fan Texas Tech University USA
Nanocarbon and Graphene Based Nanostructures for Kilohertz Ultrafast Supercapacitors

Shaolong Wu Soochow University China
Silicon microwire arrays: controllable fabrication and the enhanced photoelectrochemical activity

K. Vignesh Texas A & M University at Qatar Qatar
Nanomaterials: Photocatalysis and self-cleaning Applications

Vinod Kumar Indian Institute of technology Delhi India
Up and down conversion nano-phosphors: A future approach for solid state lighting and solar cell

Min-Cherl Jung Nara Institute of Science and Technology Japan
The presence of CH3NH2 neutral species in organometal halide perovskite films

Yunxiang Pan Hefei University of Technology China
Ultrathin 2D biofilms with high conductivity for solar energy utilization

Surendra Krushna Shinde Dongguk University Korea
Developed different nanostructures by using simple parameters and its performance evaluation on energy storage application

Meicheng Li Northi China Electric Power University China
Novel Hybrid Solar Cells: From Materials to Devices

Vaidotas Kažukauskas  Vilnius University Lithuania
Organic nanophotovoltaics: from the fundamental charge transport to commercial aspects

Jørgen Schou Technical University of Denmark Denmark
Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) of the CZTS absorber for thin solar cells with up to 5.2-% -efficiency

Junghyun Cho Binghamton University USA
Nanostructured Ceramic Coatings for Photocatalytic and Antimicrobial Surfaces

Adriana Zaleska-Medynska University of Gdańsk Poland
TiO2/MxOy ordered nanotubes for photocatalytic purpose

Hong Wang Xi’an Jiaotong University China
Dielectric Nanocomposites for Energy Storage Applications

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