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Lain-Jong (Lance) Li University of Science and Technology Saudi Arabia
2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayer: Growth, Devices and Applications

Min Chen Tsinghua University China
Relationship Between the Sliding Property of a Surface and its Icephobicity

Xiao Gong National University of Singapore Singapore
Heterogeneous integration of III-V and Ge based transistor on Si: interfacial misfit technology with extremely thin buffer layer

Sayani Majumdar Aalto University Finland
Controlling Magneto-Electric Coupling at Complex oxide interfaces for Energy efficient memories

Roop L. Mahajan Virginia Tech USA
Graphene for Energy Management

Jiang Yin Nanjing University China
High-k composite dielectrics for the application in non-votatile memory devices

Jian-Xin Zhu Los Alamos National Laboratory USA

Arup Kumar Raychaudhuri S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences India
Enhanced optical response in single nanowire optical detectors

Tomasz Mazur Academic Centre for Materials and Nanotechnology Poland
Memristive effect in perovskite thin films

Shen-Ming Chen National Taipei University of Technology Taiwan
Design and Synthesis of Nanomaterials for the Electrochemical Sensors, Energy Storage and Conversion Devices 

Seong Chan Jeon Yonsei University Korea

Eng Soon TOK National University of Singapore Singapore
Growth Modes, Chemical States and Band Energy Offsets at HfO2-MoS2 Hetero-interface 

Ida Westermann Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway
Seeing the big picture through low-scale experiments

Rami Oweini Beirut Arab University Lebanon
Recent Advances in Polyoxometalate Chemistry for Water Oxidation and Water Treatment

Francesco Caravaglios University of Milano Italy
Understanding the risks: new physics theories, beyond  quantum mechanics and second quantization

G. Ali Mansoori University of Illinois at Chicago USA

Baolong Shen Southeast University China
Development of Ferromagnetic Bulk Metallic Glasses

Alok Shukla IIT Bombay India

Seong-Gon Kim Mississippi State University USA
First principles study of the structural and electronic properties of the novel electride Halfnium sulfide

AIhua Chen Beihang University China
Block Copolymers Self-assembly to ordered Nanomaterials

Balaram Kundu Jadavpur University India
Thermal Therapy for killing cancerous cell

Sefaattin Tongay Arizona State University USA

Saurabh Basu IIT Guwahati India

Weidong Zhang Beijing University of Chemical Technology China
Phase chang absorbent based on MEA and MDEA for CO2 capture

Sergio Carvalho Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul Brazil
Thermoplastic Starch as Raw Material to Paint Industry

Myongsoo Lee Jilin University China

Kyeong-Sik Min Kookmin University Korea
Serial memristors for recognizing sequences

Bingye Zhang Dalian University of Technology China
Highly efficient black silicon solar cells achieved by surface nanostructured modification

Casey Grenier University of New Hampshire USA
An Aqueous Chemical Sensor for the Medical Community

Maurizio Acciarri Università degli Studi Milano Bicocca Italy

Eunsang Kwon Tohoku University Japan
Structure of Lithium-Cation Endohedral [C60] Fullerene and their Applicationto Energy Storage

Chenggang Tao Virginia Tech USA

David  Carroll Wake Forest University USA

Daojian Cheng Beijing University of Chemical Technology China

Sanghun Jeon Korea University Korea
Fast Pulsed I-V Device Characterization of Oxide Thin-film Transistors

Jiangwei Liu National Institute for Materials Science  Japan
Recent developments for our diamond electronic devices

Toshiki Tsubota Kyushu Institute of Technology Japan

Yossi Paltiel Hebrew University Israel
Devices logic and spinterface  using the chiral induced spin selectivity effect

Akira Ishibashi Hokkaido University Japan
Systems Development in Atom-Bit-Energy/Environment (ABE2): progress in multi-striped orthogonal photon-photocarrier-propagation solar cell (MOP3SC) and clean unit system platform (CUSP)

Lawrence J. Berliner University of Denver USA

Ahmad Ali Khan Aligarh Muslim University India

Yuan Songmei Beihang University China
High Pressure Waterjet Peening: An Effective Approach for Surface Modification

Xing-Jie Liang Chinese academy of sciences China
Developing multifunctional nanobiomaterials to treat tumor

Alexander Brown University of Alberta Canada
Understanding of Aggregation-Induced Emission in Tellurophenes

Pradeep R. Varadwaj University of Tokyo Japan

Joe Shapter Flinders University Australia
Nanocarbons in novel solar cells

Elena Kartvelishvily Weizmann Institute of Science Israel
Scanning electron microscopy methods in biology-material science interface

Alan Man Ching Ng Southern University of Science and Technology China
Atomic scale in-situ characterization of the photocatalytic dye degradation of metal nanoclusters supported on ultrathin metal oxide layer

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