Gene. Topi. VI

Kui-juan Jin Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Evolution of structural distortion in BiFeO3 thin films probed by second-harmonic generation

Praveen Kumar Central Scientific Instruments Organization India
III-nitrides nanostructures for new generation renewable energy and sensor applications

Quanshui Zheng Tsinghua University China

Nagabhatla Viswanadham CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum India
Nano porous and nano crystalline materials as efficient catalysts for fuel production

Y. Nakata Osaka University Japan

Donghai Feng East China Normal University China
Carrier surface trapping and photocharing in colloidal nanocrystals

Manjeet Singh University of Petroleum and Energy Studies India

Claudio Terraza Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Chile
Silarylene-containing polycondensation polymers: Synthesis, characterization and some applications

Chengyi Hou Donghua University China
Biomimetic performance of graphene-based macroscopic materials: Graphene paper origami and others

Barbara Pieczyrak University of Wroclaw Poland

Isao Watanabe RIKEN Japan
muSR study on nano-gold clusters

Omar Chmaissem Northern Illinois University USA
Universality of the C4 tetragonal magnetic phase in Fe-based 122 superconductors

Qing  Yang Zhejiang University China

Harpreet Kaur Punjabi University Patiala India
Electrochemistry for synthesis of nanoparticles

Hamidur Rahman Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Bangladesh
Dilemma – Engineering and Humanity

Gao Zhida Northeastern University China
Nanostructured Semiconductor Arrays: Sensitive and Selective Photoelectrochemical Platforms for Biosensing

Yanjun Li Osaka University Japan

Franklin Tao University of Kansas USA

Shailaja Mahamuni S.P. Pune University India
Photophysical Properties of Semiconductor Nano-Hetero-Structures

Renato Garcia Freitas Federal University of Mato Grosso Brazil
An experimental and theoretical study on the electronic and structural properties of CdSe@ TiO2 nanotube arrays

Kyung Jae Jeong University of New Hampshire USA

Hongbo Guo Beihang University China

Suvendu Rup IIIT Bhubaneswar India

Jun Nozawa Tohoku University Japan
Two-dimensional nucleation on the surface of colloidal crystals added with polymers

Jan Seidel UNSW Australia Australia
Functional domain walls in multiferroic oxides

Vadim Kessler Swedish University Sweden
Molecular mechanisms in metal oxide sol-gel and their use for design and creation of materials for biomedical applications

Mohammed-Ali Al-Omari  Jordan University of Science & Technology Jordan

Masanari Kimura Nagasaki University Japan
Transition metal catalyzed multi-component coupling reactions involving CO2 insertion

Xiao-Jun Chen Shanghai Jiao Tong University China

Wislei Riuper Ramos Osorio University of Campinas Brazil
Electrochemical performance of Pb-Bi, Pb-Sn and Pb-Ag alloys as novel Lead-acid batteries components

Juan E. Peralta Central Michigan University USA
Magnetic Exchange Couplings in Transition Metal Complexes and Nanostructures from First-principles

Mahmoud Allawy Mohsin University of Sharjah UAE
Synthesis and Characterization of Polymeric Materials to Combat Desertification

Yufridin Wahab University Malaysia Perlis Malaysia
MEMS realization and enhancements using molecular vapour deposition

Mitsuru Itoh Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Oxide isomers of ABO3: phase control  by PLD

Mounir Gaidi University of Sharjah UAE
Functional Materials From Gas Sensors To Programmable Optical Components

Alika Khare IIT Guwahati India
Pulsed Laser ablation: A Versatile Tool

Chyuan Haur Kao Chang Gung University Taiwan
High K Materials as Sensing Membranes for Bio-Sensor Application

Pnina Ari-Gur Western Michigan University USA

Lili Wang Tsinghua University China
Interface high temperature superconductivity in FeSe/SrTiO3

Chi-Jen Shih Kaohsiung Medical University Taiwan
Synthesis and Antibacterial activity of silver incorporated mesoporous bioactive glass

Gao Bo Northeastern University China

Takeshi Tsuji Shimane University Japan
Preparation of submicron particles of gold using laser-induced agglomeration of colloidal nanoparticles

Yuanmu Yang Sandia National Laboratories USA
Ultrafast Amplitude and Polarization Switch in a High-Q Cadmium Oxide Perfect Absorber

Victor I. Klimov Los Alamos National Laboratory USA
Engineered Quantum Dots in Solar Energy Conversion: Photovoltaics and Beyond

Jian Zhen Ou RMIT University Melbourne‎ Australia
Two-dimensional materials for gas sensing

Hiromasa Tamaki Panasonic Corporation Japan
Designing Mg3Sb2-based Zintl compounds with high thermoelectric performance

Gershon Kurizki Weizmann Institute of Science Israel

John Michael Dallesasse University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA
Transistor-Injected Quantum Cascade Laser

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