Gene. Topi. IX

Yoshitada Morikawa Osaka University Japan
First-principles theoretical study on crystal growth and etching processes at semiconductor surfaces and interfaces

PingHeng Tan Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Raman spectroscopy of multilayer graphenes

Yves Acremann ETH Zurich Switzerland
Spin dynamics: From ultra-slow to ultra-fast

Kamila Kollbek AGH University of Science and Technology Poland
Magneto-plasmonic properties of self-organized metallic and magnetic oxides nanoparticles

Siddhartha Ghosh National University of Singapore Singapore
Exotic Phenomena in Rare Earth Oxide – Films and Interfaces

Zhengyong Huang Chongqing University China

Hiroyuki Saitoh National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology Japan
High-pressure syntheses of novel hydrides with the aid of in situ synchrotron radiation x-ray diffraction measurement

Mangesh S. Diware Korea Research Institute of Standard and Science Korea
Development of solution immersed silicon based sensors for diseases diagnosis

Jinliang He Tsinghua University China
Multiple donor dopants realize ZnO varistor ceramics with giant nonlinearity and voltage gradient

Jinkyoung Yoo Los Alamos National Laboratory USA
Multi-dimensional semiconductor nanowire heterostructures for basic energy sciences

Joe Shapter Flinders University of South Australia Australia
Nanocarbons in novel solar cells

Roie Yerushalmi Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel

Junxia (Lucy) Shi University of Illinois at Chicago USA

Anjan Kumar Kundu University of Calcutta India
Novel materials for Biomedical applications

Z. D. Wang University of Hong Kong China
Realizing and manipulating novel topological semimetals

Terumitsu Tanaka Kyushu University Japan
Micromagnetic simulation of microwave-assisted magnetization switching on granular medium

Hee-Woo Lee Sogang University Korea
Polymer Nanocomposites for The Next Generation Enery Applications

Gong Hao National University of Singapore Singapore

Muhammad Yasir Khan University of Karachi Pakistan

S. Ravi Indian Institution of Technology Guwahati India
Study of Mangnetization Reversal and Exchange Bias in Perovskite Oxides

Shyan-Lung Chung National Cheng Kung University Tainan Taiwan
Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy Resin Composites Filled with Combustion Synthesized AIN and h-BN Powders

P. Thilagar Indian Institute of Science Bangalore India
Structure-Property Correlations and Functional Opportunities of strongly Emissive Organic/Organometallic Materials

Shiro Sakai Tokushima University Japan
Multi-wavelength AlGaInN-LEDs

Shigeyuki Yagi Osaka Prefecture University Japan
Development of Phosphorescent Organometallic Complexes for Solution-processed OLED

Yujie Xiong University of Science and Technology of China China
Interface Engineering in Inorganic Hybrid Structures towards Improved Photocatalysis

Tianbo Liu University of Akron USA

Hongbin Zhang TU Darmstadt Germany
DFT+DMFT study of the interplay between spin-orbit coupling and electronic correlations

Ryszard Jankowiak Kansas State University USA

YiJing Yan University of Science and Technology of China China

Clemens Ulrich University of New South Wales Australia
Multiferroic Thin Films: A Comprehensive Neutron Scattering Investigation

Sunghwan Lee Baylor University USA
Functional CVD Polymers and their Application to Advanced Optoelectronic and Energy Conversion Devices

Sachiko Ono Kogakuin University Japan
Fabrication and Structure Modulation of High-Aspect Ratio Porous GaAs by Wet Etching Using Sphere Photolithography

Ruihua He Boston College USA
Discovery of a Novel Emergent Phenomenon in Solids–3D Negative Electronic Compressibility

Yewu Wang Zhejiang University China
The growth of black phosphorus crystals

Johannes Barth Technical University of Munich Germany

Mohammad Iqbal International Islamic University Malaysia Malaysia
Composite panel from natural fiber – Abaca

Grosfeld Eytan Ben Gurion University Israel

Semra G Tuncel Middle East Technical University Turkey
Preparation,modification and Application of Carbon Based Nanomaterials :C-Nanotubes

Daniel Sheehy Louisiana State University USA
Novel properties of topological insulator heterostructures

Mousa Al-Smadi Jordan University of Science and Technology Jordan
Negative Photo-resist Polymers

Yong-Hoon Kim Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology  Korea
Computational study of graphene-based interfaces for the advanced electronic and energy device applications

Sergei Zenkin Katedra fyziky Czech

Young Jae Song Sungkyunkwan University  Korea

Xun Cao Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Self-assembled spinodally decomposed VO2-based nanostructured thin films for thermochomic applications

Noriyuki Miyata Institute: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology  Japan
A New Memory Device based on Interface Dipole Modulation in HfO2-based Gate Stack Structure

Nam-Jung Kim Korea Military Academy Korea
Graphene-based hybrid nanomaterials for advanced SERS applications

Simon Fafard Universite of Sherbrooke Canada
III-V Photovoltaic Devices based on the Vertical Epitaxial HeteroStructure Architecture (VEHSA Design) for Record Optical to Electrical Conversion Efficiencies

Tingli Ma Kyushu Institute of Technology Japan

Huaming Li Taiyuan  University of Technology China
Thermodynamic properties by equation of state and from Ab initio molecular dynamics of liquid sodium and potassium under pressure

Keisuke Shibuya National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology  Japan
Controlling electronic phase of vanadium dioxide thin films

Zheng Bo Zhejiang University China
Atomic insights into the ion movements in nano-confined spaces

Weifeng Yang Institute of Materials Research & Engineering Singapore
Large-area Growth of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides by PVD

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