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Kotaro Makino National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology  Japan
Terahertz wave detection by multilayered phase change memory material

Samaresh Das IIT Delhi India
Efficient High Speed  2D Materials/Silicon Heterojunction Photodetectors

Chuantong Chen Osaka University Japan
Bonding Technology for high temperature applications

Xiaodong Wang University of Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Lorentz Force Particle Analyzer

Shaolong Wu Soochow University China
Silicon microwire arrays: controllable fabrication and the enhanced photoelectrochemical activity

Amitava Patra Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science India

Kensuke Miyajima Tokyo University of Science Japan
Observation of superfluorescence from biexcitons confined in semiconductor quantum dots

Faiz Salleh University of Malaya Malaysia

Lun Dai Peking University China
2D meterials based heterostructures: Fabrication and Application in Photodetectors

Seoung-Hwan Park Catholic University of Daegu Korea

Shintaro Yasui Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Development of lead-free Bi-based perovskite ferroelectric thin films

Koji Sekiguchi Keio University Japan
Nano-magnonics in cooperation of spin current

Sung-Jin Cho North Carolina A&T State University USA
Heterostructured Lithium Deficient Cathode Materials for Li-ion Batteries

Peter Christian Kjærgaard Vesborg Technical University of Denmark Denmark
Photoelectrodes for water splitting

Kan Sing  Wong Hong Kong University of Science and Technology China
Imaging restoration for scattered light through random medium using phase retrieval technique

Rick Trebino Georgia Institute of Technology USA

Qifeng Zhang North Dakota State University USA
A solution method for the synthesis of CZTS material

Hirokazu Sakamoto Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan
Analysis of STM images of organic crystals and DNA

Simon Blakey Emory University USA

Yunhao Lu Zhejiang University China
Interfacial Multiferroics of TiO2/PbTiO3 Heterostructure Driven by Ferroelectric Polarization Discontinuity

Junjie Qi University of Science and Technology Beijing China
Piezotronic Effect for Interface Engineering and Property Modulation of Electronic Nanodevices

Richard J. Spontak North Carolina State University USA
Advances in Dielectric Elastomers as Soft Electroresponsive Materials

Masaru Aniya Kumamoto University Japan

Chunqing Wang Harbin Institute of Technology China
Effects of BaSrTiO3-based buffer layers and La/Mn doping on the crystallization behavior and multiferroic properties of BiFeO3 thin films

Ding-Shyue Yang University of Houston USA

Zhongyuan Ma Nanjing University China
New generation 3D memory design and optimization: Challenges and Opportunity

Debalaya Sarker Indian Institute of Technology Delhi India

Eisuke Tokumitsu Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Japan
Nonvolatile memory operation of ITO-channel ferroelectric-gate thin film transistor

Qijin Chen Zhejiang University China
Exotic quantum states in ultracold atomic Fermi gases

Ashok Chatterjee University of Hyderabad India

Toshihiro Nakamura Osaka Electro-Communication University Japan

Amr Amin United Arab Emirates University UAE
Development of a therapeutic model of precancerous liver using crocin-coated magnetite nanoparticles

Peter Boggild DTU Nanotech Denmark

Cavus Falamaki Amirkabir University of Technology Iran
Magnetic fields and chemical reactions: New horizons

Roop L. Mahajan Virginia Tech USA
Graphene for enhanced thermal transport

Sung-Jin Cho North Carolina A&T State University USA

Indranath Dutta Washington State University USA
Diffusional Sliding at Hetero-Interfaces by Thermal-Mechanical-Electrical Impetus and Impact on 3D Electronic Packages

Kontad Ounnunkad Chiang Mai University Thailand

Wei-Yin Chen University of Mississippi USA

Ozdal Boyraz University of California – Irvine USA

Chunze yan Huazhong University of Science and Technology China
A method based on selective laser sintering 3D printing for preparing high-performance carbon fibres/epoxy composites

Shien-Der Tzeng National Dong Hwa University Taiwan
Electrical and Optical Properties of self-assembled metal nanoparticle thin film and their applications

Hao Bai Zhejiang University China
Shaping ice for functional materials with biomimetic architecture

Jisang Hong Pukyong National University Korea

Takahiro Ishizaki Shibaura Institute of Technology Japan
Novel Surface treatment for improving corrosion resistance of light metals using steam

Mi Jung Chung-Ang University Korea
Ultrathin nanoporous alumina mask as a versatile template for two-dimensional plasmonic nanodot arrays

Teruo Kanki Osaka University Japan
New route of proton-doing into vanadium oxide nanowires by an electric field

Wen-Hsien Huang National Nano Device Laboratories Taiwan
Low-thermal-budget Semiconductor Thin Film and Laser Annealing for Monolithic 3DIC and Flexible Electronics

Uyi Sulaeman Jenderal Soedirman University Indonesia
The improvement of silver phosphate reactivity for organic dye degradation under visible light Irradiation

Tomohiro Nozaki Tohoku University Japan
Electric manipulation of perpendicular exchange bias using magnetoelectric Cr2O3 thin films

Takuo Tanaka RIKEN Japan

Sai Pramod Pemmasani Indian Institute of Science Bangalore India
Role of nanostructuring and architecture on mechanical properties of multi-layer nitride coatings

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