Energy Materials (fuel cells & batteries)

Hyung Chul Ham Korea Institute of Science and Technology  Korea
Computational design of nanocatalysts for fuel cell application

Douglas B. Chrisey Tulane University USA
Novel Ceramic Polymer Composites for Energy Storage

Jisoon Ihm Pohang University of Science and Technology Korea
Two-dimensional nanomaterials for energy storage

Eunsang Kwon Tohoku University Japan
Structure of Lithium-Cation Endohedral [C60] Fullerene and their Applicationto Energy Storage

Sung-Jin Cho North Carolina A&T State University USA
Heterostructured Lithium Deficient Cathode Materials for Li-ion Batteries

Zhiqiang Gao National University of Singapore Singapore
The development of electrode materials for sodium-ion batteries

Shen-Ming Chen National Taipei University of Technology Taiwan
Design and Synthesis of Nanomaterials for the Electrochemical Sensors, Energy Storage and Conversion Devices

Chulsung Bae Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute USA
Molecular engineering of polymer fuel cell membranes

Rak-Hyun Song Korea Institute of Energy Research Korea
Durability study of solid oxide fuel cell materials

Wislei Riuper Ramos Osorio University of Campinas Brazil
Electrochemical performance of Pb-Bi, Pb-Sn and Pb-Ag alloys as novel Lead-acid batteries components

Shao-Chieh Weng National Cheng Kung University  Taiwan
Synthesis of MnOx/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite as an anode for lithium-ion battery

Nagabhatla Viswanadham CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum India
Nano porous and nano crystalline materials as efficient catalysts for fuel production

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